MusesRealm.Net--What Inspires You?
Frequently Asked Questions

Who Runs This Site?
MusesRealm.Net is designed and maintained by a Capricorn by the name of Caroline Bigelow. You can read her online journal HERE.
Why The Lack of Updates?
Up until recently Caroline didn't have a steady web connection after graduating from college in 2003. For the most part she is very busy with her full time teaching job, and doesn't have a whole lot of free time to work on the site. She updates as often as she can.
What is This Site All About?
Caroline created this site in 1998 as an outlet for her insatiable curiosity concerning the humanities and classics. It has evolved over the past seven years to include Caroline's attempts at webpage and graphics design and anything else Caroline finds interesting.
Who Should Visit MusesRealm.Net?
Anyone who has an open mind is welcomed and encouraged to visit and enjoy what Caroline has to offer.
Is Caroline a Classics Professor?
No. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2003 with a BA in Music Education. She had enough credits/classes to have a minor in Classics, but FLC didn't offer that minor at the time or her graduation. She took almost 100 credits worth of History/Mythology/Anthropology/Archaeology/Arts/Language classes, and many of the things that she learned in those classes have been processed and posted to the 'Realm.
Is Caroline a Professional Graphics Designer?
Nope. Her interest in webpage graphics and such came about while she was designing her first website. She found things that she liked and could use, but was sure that she make backgrounds and buttons herself and not rely on others' work (Capricorns can be such control freaks at times). She worked in the college computer labs at the time, and spent much of her time at work in remote buildings playing with PhotoShop. Eventually she switched to Paint Shop Pro and has been happily designing with it ever since.
Is MusesRealm.Net's Scholarly Integrety Sound?
Caroline has done her best to gather all of the facts before posting anything to the site. She has also worked hard to credit and site all of the sources she uses to update the site. If you think something is amiss, or is inappropriately posted here, let Caroline know and she'll do her best to remedy the situation.
I Need Help with a School Project, Can Caroline Help Me?
Possibly, depending on the subject. She won't write your paper for you, but she is more than willing to answer questions and suggest resources that will help you. If she can't help you out she may be able to get you into contact with someone who can.