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  • As of today, all new updates will be posted to the MusesRealm.Net Blog.

    Older Updates:

  • What isn't new? I finally got the 'Realm updated and moved to it's new home with a new server. If everything went according to plan you shouldn't notice anything different (except for the updated look, of course!). If there is something that you notice that isn't working, please send Mnemosyne an email telling her what doesn't work. It will help things out incredibly much!
  • Most every section of the 'Realm has seen some sort of addition or update--there's just too much to list here, so I'll just tell you what's brand new (most of these are still under construction, so mind the tape):
    The Astronomy Page
    Caroline's Hercules Page
    LiveJournal Icons
    Wallpaper Calendars
  • There are also a *ton* of new creations in various sections, especially collages and blinkies.
  • The Roman Deities section has been majorly updated. Be sure to check that out.
  • I think that's about it for today. Now that things are all moved I have the space and ability to add things as I get them done. TTFN!


  • Just a few new Blinkies and Wallpapers this time around.
  • The remodeling is coming along nicely. I'm adding a few sections while I'm at it (Astronomy and Herculesso far).


  • I've typed up a few new Family Trees (Rulers of Corinth & Sisyphus) and tweeked a few others.
  • There are also a few new Blinkies.
  • One DiaryLand Set is new.
  • That's about it for now. I've been working on remodeling the site in honor of the move (see update for 3/28/05 for more on that). The move won't be happening until July, but you'll know it has happened when you see the 'Realm's new look.


  • There are a few new Blinkies.
  • Other than that, there have been a few minor tweeks here and there (nothing major).
  • I'm in the process of finding a new web host. My current one, Your Site, is fantastic, but I just need more space and bandwidth than they provide me with. The move won't happen until July, so I have some time to look at some options. If you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it!


  • The Blinkies page has been re-oranized and added to.
  • There are also a few new DiaryLand Templates.
  • The Roman Page has lots of additions and a few minor tweeks.
  • Sorry about the lack of updates! If you've been reading my online Journal you already know that I've been teaching Spanish full-time for the past few weeks and haven't really had much time to be working on the 'Realm.


  • There are a few new Blinkies.
  • A few new DiaryLand Templates have been added to the Art and Mythology sections.
  • The Rome page has a new addition: Information on Roman Festivals. This page is still heavily under construction, so mind the wet cement!
  • There's also a new Stargate: Atlantis Collage.
  • The Marketplace has been tweeked with and has *tons* of new things to buy. Take a look around, spend some money, and help support the 'Realm.


  • I finally added some selections to the Greek Lyrics page.
  • The Family Trees page has some new and updated trees with more coming soon!
  • There are some new museum links in the Humanities section.
  • Several Hotbar Skins can be found in the Art-Related area.
  • There are a few new Blinkies.
  • The Icons have also been added to.
  • A DiaryLand Template for Leonardo daVinci's "Mona Lisa" has been added to the Art section.


  • The Egypt section now features a Timeline.
  • Several additions and correction have been made to the Family Trees page. It was a litle hard to navigate, so I simplified things a bit. There will be more additions to this section as soon as I can type them up.
  • I've also created a few new Icons as well.
  • The new Miscellaneous Hotbar Skins have arrived for Stargate: Atlantis.
  • My Greek Section has seen the addition of a page listing the Calydonian Boar Hunters.
  • There's also a new Story or two.
  • Oh, and Happy Birthday to me! I'm 25 today!


  • There are a few new DiaryLand Templates in the Mythology section.
  • A few new Blinkies have been added as well.
  • Due to popular demand, there is a new section for a new type of creation: Icons.


  • Tweeks have been made here and there. If I've done my job you won't notice them at all.
  • Several new DiaryLand Templates have been added to the Mythology and new Art sections.
  • I'm working all but 2 days from here on through Christmas Day, so there may not be any more updates until the new year. I may get some things done in my downtime, but I'm guessing not. Anyway, Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, Happy New Year, and Happy everything else until I update again. I will be checking my email, so please feel free to keep sending in comments, suggestions, and questions.


  • Herodotus' Corner has been updated with three new session topics: The Hyksos, Greek & Etruscan Influences on the Romans, and Foreign Influences on Roman Religion. His corner has also been given an index page to make navigating through all of the different sections easier.
  • I've been going through the links for each section of the Realm and deleting/correcting those that are obsolete. A few new links have been added here and there, but mostly things have been deleted.
  • The Backgrounds page has been added to with different backgrounds from various websets. People have been asking for them to be available without having to download the entire set, and I've made it happen.
  • I'm taking requests for things that people would like to see me research and post here at the realm. If there is a topic you'd like to see more information about, please email me at and I'll see what I can do.
  • The next few weeks are going to be Tartarus at the store, what with this being the busiest shopping time of the entire year. I also have several sub jobs lined up, so we'll see how into updating I get. Requests are the best way to motivate me, so please, if you'd like to see something added here, let me know.


  • Several new DiaryLand Templates have been added to the Mythology Section.
  • The Blinkies Page has seen some additions as well.
  • One new Art-Related Wallpaper is also available.
  • I've also fixed several broken/misleading links here and there. Gotta love those stats on the Bravenet counters.


  • I've done the last of the major updates to the Norse Mythology section for a while. There will, or course, be minor updates now and then as my studies continue.
  • There is one new Miscellaneous DiaryLand Template called "My So Called Life".
    14 New Blinkies have been added to the Blinkies Page.
  • Several links and such have been fixed around the Realm. Most notable is the link to the Egyptian Mythology page from the main page. I guess I just missed that one when I changed things over from main.html to index.html. Sorry about that Folks!


  • The Norse Mythology page has seen some major updating. The things in this area that are not complete today will be completed in the next day or so, as soon as I get time to type up my notes from my notebook.


  • There is a new Stargate SG-1 Collage in the Collages Section.
  • I decided to re-join Bravent.Com and get some stats and things up that you all can enjoy. I'm going with the free service for now, but may upgrade in the future if this whole substitute teaching thing works out.


  • This site finally has a Site Map!
  • The Egypt Section has been updated with reign dates given in the list of Pharaohs. The list also links each dynasty to its family tree.
  • More mythological figures and information has been added to the Norse Mythology Page.
  • Each section has seen some minor tweeks, mostly of the spell-checking variety.


  • MusesRealm.Net now has its own Forum for discussions on mythology, history, creations, and general topics!! It's hosted by ProBoards, and there are ads on the site, but no pop-ups. Be the first on your block to sign up now (it's free!):
  • The Senior Humanities Page has been given a face-lift. There is no new information per se, but I did a little editing while I was recoding, and the spelling and grammar should be better now. If you notice something amiss, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!


  • Each bibliography/links section now has a picture link next to each book if that book is available for purchase. Clicking on said link will take you to Amazon.Com where you can get more details about the book and purchase it if you so desire.
  • I've updated the lists of deities on the Egypt Page with more deities and more information on many of those that were there.
  • A side update: I deleted many entries in my Guestbook, so people can once again sign it without worry that their entry will be deleted.
  • I'll be updating the Egypt section again in the next few days with the approximate dates for each Pharaoh's reign.
  • I'm working on a much needed facelift for the Senior Humanities section. Look for that in the next few days as well.


  • There is one new Patriotic DiaryLand Template called "Bring Them Home". It was inspired by my friends currently serving in Iraq and other places overseas.


  • I've created two new miscellaneous DiaryLand Templates called "I Shoulda Been in Pictures" and "Firefly's Serenity". There is also a new mythology Template based on Van Gogh's "Starry Night", and one Nature Template called "Autumn Leaves".
  • There are a few new Blinkies as well.
  • I now have DSL at home (and wireless access to boot)!! Updates should come more frequently from now on (**Caroline crosses her fingers**).


  • There's a new section: The Muses' Ode to Music. This section will (eventually) contain information about music from around the world. What's there now you ask? A list of composers, a list of musical instrument names, and a list of musical terms. I figure since I'm going to be a music teacher I should probably have at least something music related on my page.
  • I tweeked with the Egypt Page, and added a new little bit about the papyrus plant. Thanks to my newly rediscovered for for Stargate SG-1 I'll probably be adding to this section again in the near future.
  • There have been minor additions to other sections as well, though none really big enough to mention here.
  • One last little tidbit: DSL finally came to my area!! As soon as my uncle and I can scrape together enough money for the setup costs I'll be able to start getting back online more than once or twice a week. Won't that be nice for everyone?


  • There is one new DiaryLand Templates in the mythology section (Cleopatra).
  • There are also several new Blinkies in their new section. They were previously only available in my WoSIB section, but now they have their own area in the Creations Section, and are available for everyone to enjoy.
  • I finished typing up the journal from my Trip and added a few more pictures from it while I was at it.
  • The Egypt Page has been added to. There will be some additional additions in this section shortly; I just need to find the time to type them up.
  • Three new DiaryLand Templates are available, one in the mythology section (Classical Temple) and two in the Miscellaneous Section (Moods & Golded).
  • The Hotbar section has been updated with Harry Potter-themed hotbars and more art related ones.


  • The Hotbar section is back up. I didn't like what was going on with that section, so I took it down and remodeled it. Most of the old Hotbar skins are no more, but there are a ton of new ones, especially art related. What can I say; I got inspired by my journal entries from my visit to The Prado.
  • I made a new DiaryLand Set: one patriotic one (Red, White, and Blue).
  • Oh, and I fixed the link to my Minoan Page that didn't work. Sorry 'bout that!


  • There are four new DiaryLand Sets: one patriotic one (Grand Old Flag), and three miscellaneous ones (CityScape & Sherbert Cloth & Highlands).
  • The Grimoire of Magic has also been updated with several new mini-sections (check out the main objects section) and some tweeks.
  • A new section has been added to the Greek Page--a section about the Minoans. It's not quite finished, as you will see when you visit, but there is enough there to get you going.
  • I've added two new essays to my list of Writings. They are called Opera: Modernized Ancient Greek Drama, and Shakespeare for Elizabethan England.
  • The Stories section has also been tweeked; nothing major, but I did a little bit of spell-checking and added a few new paintings.
  • Lastly, I've added the section that some of you have been asking me about: my trip last summer to Greece and Spain. Click HERE to see some pictures and to read my journal. I haven't finished typing up my journal yet, but I will as soon as I can and get all posted.


  • Almost everything in the realm has been tweeked with and updated, so have a look around and enjoy the new furnishings. I still don't have a good internet connection, so this may be the last update posted for a while. There are many other updates as well besides the new look, too many, in fact, to list them all here. Majorly updated sections include: Rome Page, DiaryLand Templates, Webpage Sets, and Grimoire of Magic.


  • I'm back from my trip!! Both Greece and Spain were absolutely fantastic, and I can hardly wait to go back!!!
  • My web connection here at home is pitiful at the best of times. 16800 is just no way to cruse the internet. I therefore won't be making very frequent updates, and can't check my email as often as I used to.
  • There have been additional minor tweaks here and there around the site, but nothing too major. I'm learning some cool new DHTML codes, and I'm looking forward to incorporating them into the realm. I don't know when exactly that will be, though, as student teaching is keeping me quite busy (hence the lack of updates).


  • There are some tweeks here and there...unless you visit often (and check my codes) you really shouldn't notice anything.
  • I finally got all of my Lord of the Rings wallpapers up. You can check them out HERE.
  • I'm going to Greece and Spain!!!!! I'll be in Europe until mid-July, and I don't quite know what the internet access situation will be over there. There definently won't be any updates to Clio's Realm until after I return, but if you have questions or comments, please send them to me and I'll see what I can do about getting back to y'all. No promises though.


  • School and life have been keeping me quite busy lately, so I haven't had time to upload many of my updates. So far the Book of Shadows has seen the largest update, with the Astrology and Herbs sections seeing major additions.
  • Since ROAR is back on the air (*finally*) I renovated the fan fiction archive I used to run for the show and have decided to host it here at Clio's Realm. You can view it by clicking HERE.
  • My server has been majorly wacky lately, so if some sections are missing, please let me know which one(s) so I can re-upload things.
  • School will be over for me next week, which means I will have tons of time in which to work on my page. On the down side, I'll be losing my super-fast internet connection, so updates will be less frequent. I'll still be around, however, and this site is not going to go away.


  • Herodotus has finally gotten off of his duff! He comes back to us with not one, but two new sessions! Please visit his Corner to read them.
  • The Roman Timeline has been tweaked.


  • There is one new Diaryland Template available in the new Miscellaneous section: a blackboard template.
  • The Roman Lyrics Page has been added to.


  • Just as promised, I have four new Diaryland Templates. All four of them are located in the new section of Miscellaneous Templates.
  • My Site Fights Spirit pages have been tweaked and updated to include some of my newer dustings and gifts.


  • I've been tweaking my Rome Page. I took out some sections to work on them and added a few new ones.
  • I'll e adding some new DiaryLand templates within the next few days. I have them complete but I need to zip them up so I can post them.
  • There have also been some minor updates here and there. I finally got all of my site downloaded onto my new labtop computer, so I can make updates without trying to figure out which is the newest version of each page.


  • There is one new Diaryland template available in the mythology section, one based on a painting of Fortuna.


  • I made an update on 11/10, but my webpage ate it apparently. It's a mythology-based Diaryland Template, and it's now back up. Sorry about that.
  • Also added to the Creations Section are two new Collages: one for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and one for the FOX show Firefly.


  • Things have been pretty hecktic lately on the school front. Each week I work for 19+ hours, am in class for 20+ hours, and have 13+ hours of practicum. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is. As such I haven't had much time to work on my web page much.
  • Something that is done (mostly, anyway) is my web store. Yes, I'm trying to get y'all to buy things to help me support this site. If you are interested in helping me out, please take a look at what I'm selling and buy things if you like them. That's all I'm asking.
  • There may be a real update soon for the Creations section, but it all depends on how my papers are going.


  • There's a new section for DiaryLand Templates located HERE. Currently contained within it are templates that feature Dragons, Harry Potter, and USA Patriotism.


  • There are 6 new Andromeda Collages on the Collages Page.
  • There are also 8 new Hobars: 4 Harry Potter, 3 Stargate SG-1, and 1 Star Wars.


  • The Greek Lyrics Page has been updated with some new (old?) selections from various people.


  • There are 8 new wallpapers to be found in the Creations section.
  • There is also one new graphics set, based on a painting called "The Fairy Ring" to be found HERE.
  • Lastly, there are 4 new Hotbar Skins all for the show Jack of All Trades.


  • I've finally transfered all of my creations to this page from an old page of mine at GeoCities. There are several new things in each of the sections, so please browse around and take what you like (according to my terms of use, of course!). Click HERE to visit my new section.


  • Welcome to! I'm finally here! Please excuse the dust and everything scattered about. I'm working hard on correcting all of the links and such, and if you notice something not working, please let me know so I can fix it!
  • As you can probably tell, there have been tons of additions and revisions to my page. I'm not going to list them all here, but if you take a look around I'm sure you'll find them! ;-)


  • There is one new graphics set, a set based on Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night to be found on the graphics sets page. You can view it directly by clicking HERE.
  • I've been working hard on re-creating my site after the zip disk with all of the changes to it I'd been saving it all on crashed. No biggie, as I've had some better (and more stream-lined) ideas the second time around.


  • After four hours or so I'm finally happy with my new graphics set, a Forest Set.


  • Well, I've finally posted my Celtic Mythology Page. It is very much in the rough draft stage, but I got sick of saying I was going to post it and then not posting it. It's posted now, and I will polish it as I get the chance. If you have anything that you would like me to add to it, please let me know!
  • Oh, and since I'm the Maid of Honour at my friend Michelle's weding next April, I've created a page for Weding Aniversary Gifts.


  • I've finished transfering the Family Trees for Egyptian Pharaohs from my notebook to the web, and they are now available for your viewing pleasure.
  • If all goes well I may have my own domain and additional space for this page in about a month. I'll keep y'all posted.


  • Whew! I've finished my Ancient Egypt class, and I got my papers back, so expect them to be up soon. I'll be finished moving in the Real World tomorrow (I have to be ;-P), so they'll probably be HTMLized and posted sometime next week.
  • As for the actual update, I've created several more Family Trees for Egyptian Pharaohs. I'll post more as soon as I've transfered them from my notebook to the web.


  • I have the family tree for the 18th dynasty in Egypt done (the end, anyway). Click HERE to see it.
  • I also have the family tree for the 4th dynasty done (the beginning, anyway). Click HERE to see it.
  • Whew! After almost 3 hours of work, the Pharaohs List is complete enough to post. <--5/22 I've updated the list with some information I discovered today ~Clio


  • The Egyptian Gods page has been updated with some new gods and additional information on older ones.
  • I'm writing a paper this week for my Ancient Egypt class about the Hyksos. Unless I get a poor grade on it, the paper will be up at the end of next week.
  • There is one new story up on the Myths & Stories Page: Prometheus and the Creation of Man.


  • I've made some updates to the Egypt Page. I'm taking a class about Egyptian Archaeology, so there's a goog chance that they'll be several more updates before my class is over in 5 weeks.
  • There's also a list of Popes up on the Senrio Humanities page. It's as complete as I could make it. Apparently the Catholics only cared about popes if they were martyred up until about 1750...This list will be updated as I find more information.
  • Finally, I've created a new floral graphics set extravaganza with images created from scratch by me and several added features like a picture tube. Click HERE to see it.


  • I changed the main page!! It still looks basically the same, but I think the icons make it a little easier to navigate, and the updated background makes the images on the left "look" more, um, better....? The main page of the site has not changed at all (except for some additions) since I created it in 1998, so I think it's about time it got a face lift, don't you?


  • There is one new graphics set: an Egyptian Set
  • I was procrastinating this weekend at work from finishing up my Astronomy projects and started a new section on the Humanities Page: lists of rulers. So far there are lists of English Rulers, French Rulers, Holy Roman Emperors, and Roman Emperors.
  • I've signed up for an online journal. Go here to view it: More to come later...


  • The Greek Lyrics Page has been updated with a few new lyrics by a few new writers and philosophers.
  • The Egyptian Mythology Page has been remodeled and some new content has been added.
  • On an old disk I found my missing epoch quotes! They have been coded and are now available on the Senior Humanities Page.
  • There are several new banners and buttons on the Linking to Clio's Realm Page.
  • Depending on time, the main page may get a face-lift in the nex few days. I'm also contemplating upgrading to one of Yahoo!'s premium services later this spring (after school gets out). What do y'all think? This would mean no adds when you view my page...


  • I'm back from my much-needed vacation! I had a wonderful time just doing nothing for 8 whole days!
  • The Greek Mythology Page was remodeled during my week off and is now up for you to view. I plan on remodeling the Egyptian Mythology page as well, but depending on time it might not be until summer. I want to add some additional content, so it's going to be a while.
  • There is also one new graphic set available HERE. Cheers!


  • There are several new poems and such on the Writings Page.


  • I've majorly updated the Senior Humanities Page. I've streamlined it by adding some new features and taken away some of the ones that never got used anyway. Click HERE to see the new and improved Senior Humanities Page.
  • By popular demand I've filled out one of those "getting to know you" surveys that one of my friends sent me in my e-mail and posted it on my page. You can see it HERE.


  • There's a new section: South & Central American Mythology. There isn't much up there yet except deity lists.


  • There are two new Graphics sets: a Map Set, and a Saturn Set.


  • I'm back from vacation!! I worked almost all of it doing retail (I didn't have any real days off), so I didn't get a chance to tweek some of the things I wanted to tweek. I do, however, have some new pictures in my Photo Album.


  • I've finished with finals!! Yippee!! I don't have a huge update for y'all today, but I've added three poems to the Writings Page.


  • Okay, so I needed to take a break from school and life for awhile and created two new graphics sets: aChristmas Set and a Snowflake Set. I don't know if I'll have any "free" time before finals are over next week or not to make updates, so if I don't see you have a happy holiday season!
  • On a personal note, my mom had to put my kitty, Beach Bear, to sleep on Monday. He turned 19 on Monday, so he died on his birthday. I had had him since I was 3, and I really miss him. Bye, bye buddy! I'll miss you tons! :-(


  • Bet that thought I've been slacking off, huh? Actually I've been quite busy with school and the like, and probably won't have much time for updates for the next two weeks. I drove through two snowstorms yesterday on my way back to school, and one of them was on Wolf Creek pass. It wasn't too bad of a drive, but it was long--10 hours by myself in a truck. That's what CDs are for, I guess. Oh, I saw Harry Potter. It's a wonderful movie!! I guess I'll have to read the books now, huh? I didn't get to see the Star Wars trailer, however, so I'll just have to go and see Harry Potter again here in Durango...(you can tell I'm really broken up about it)
  • I have a wonderful contributor! Olympian2001BC has kindly sent me some haikus to post on my page. He has his own page of haikus on my site, and they can be found HERE.
  • I've also restarted my updates list. The link is on my main page, so if you'd like to know what I've updated or get a vote reminder from me for the site fights, sign yourself up!


  • I won an award for being a spirited fighter this week!! Thank you so much Legends Fairies!!!
  • I've created three new graphics sets: a Classical Lady Set, a Cernunos Set, and a Jem Set.


  • Three Halloween graphics sets: a Bones Set, a Pumpkin Set, and a Spider Set.


  • Another small update: one new webpage graphics set is up, the Nouveau Set.


  • I've added some new links to the main links page and the links page for my Rome page.


  • I fixed the link to the Latin Quote of the Day. Sorry 'bout that. I guess I should double-check my links, huh?
  • I've added three new Webpage Graphics Sets: Sun Set, Chinese Dragon Set, and Drama Set.


  • Not a huge update (I have a symphony concert this weekend and rehersals every night), but there is a new link on the index page: Latin Quote of the Day. I'll post a new Latin quote/phrase every weekday for you all to ponder and learn.
  • I've updated the Norse Gods & Goddesses a bit. It's not complete, but there are a few more listings and more information on a few of the existing entries.
  • Two new books have been added to the Bibliography page.
  • Ever wonder what "SPQR" stands for? Click HERE to find out.


  • I have two new graphics sets for y'all to enjoy: a Checkers Set and a Textile Set. More to come later!


  • School and work have kept me quite busy lately. I've been working on a webpage for my fellow computer lab workers. It's a help page that is mostly for student workers at Fort Lewis College, but there are some general things that might be of use to anyone who uses a computer. You can find this page here:
  • I've also added two of my all-time favorite poems to this site. They can be found HERE (this link no longer works ~Clio (7/5/02)
  • In rememberance of all those who lost their lives in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania, Clio has been dressed in black. I've also added a link to the Red Cross Website on the waving American flag near the bottom of my index page. The words under the flag are in Latin and mean "Strength in Unity".
  • Lastly, I've had to stop competing with Battle of the Ancients. The Site Fights won't allow competing in more than their competition, and since I've been with The Site Fights longer I've decided to stick with them. It was a hard decision, but TSF won out. I may compete in Battle of the Ancients with my Hercules and Xena page, but it really depends on how much time I have since homework has been a little overwhelming lately.


  • Bright Blessings!! I'm back from my vacation and ready to start competing in all of my site fights again. It's good to be back! As soon as I get through my mountain of e-mails I'll start updating once again. If you've e-mailed me and I haven't gotten back to you yet, be patient. I'm responding you y'all as quickly as I can. Have a great day!


  • I've joined several new webrings.
  • I'm going to be out of town for the next 6 weeks (until July 23rd), and I will not have access to my e-mail address. You can still e-mail me with questions and other things, but I will most likely not be able to respond until after I get back. Have a great Summer Solstice and rest of June and July!


  • I've started creating Hotbars. So far I've created four art-related hotbars. Click HERE to check them out.


  • I've uploaded three new graphics sets to the Graphics Sets page: a Parchment set, a Purple set, and a Jan Vermeer set. Enjoy!


  • My webrings have all been updated, and I have even added some new ones!
  • I've made a page of riddles, and it is located in the Games section. If you have a riddle you'd like me to add to my collection, please e-mail it to me.


  • Hi!! Not a huge update this time, but an important one: I've been managing my webrings. Webring merged with Yahoo!, so most of my webring codes were outdated or non-existant. Anyway I've cleaned them out and applied to some new ones. More to come later!


  • Happy Beltane!! Okay, so Beltane was yesterday, so I hope it was a pleasant day for you. I'm working full time now in the computer labs (at least for the next few weeks), so I'll have lots of time to work on my page.
  • I've moved my fan fiction page to this site. It was at NBCI, but since no one ever goes there anymore and I can't remember the password I decided to move it here. Have fun reading my stories, and please tell me what you think.


  • Happy Easter everyone! Even if you don't celebrate Easter (I don't) it's a good day to reflect on how the the ideas and actions of jus one person can change the world.
  • I've won an award! It's from Avalon Adventure. Thank you soooo much!
  • I've been working really hard on my other page (, so no new updates this time. I have one week of classes and one week of finals left of this semester, so I don't expect there will be too many updates before the end of April.


  • I've joined another Site Fights! It's called the Battle of the Ancients. I'm just starting out and competing as a Gladiator in Ancient Rome. You can vote for my site HERE. I've been working on the Family Trees information, so hopefully I can have the whole things revamped (or at least a few new trees) and running soon. I'm going with my school's Percussion Ensemble to Boulder, CO for a weekend percussion dealy, so I won't be around.


  • I've decided to open up my Norse Mythology Page. It's still very small, but I hope to have some more information up soon!
  • For those of you who haven't been to my spirit page for The Site Fights, you can get to it by clicking on the girl at the top of this page. ;-P


  • I've made it through both the Crystal Caves and The Crystal Cliffs. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and supported my site! I couldn't have done it without you!
  • I've created an e-mail updates and voting reminder list for you all to subscribe to if you want to be reminded (weekly) to vote for me or if you'd like to know when I make updates to my page. Thats about it for now. More coming soon!


  • I'm fighting in the site fights! Please click on the vote image on the bottom of my main page and vote for me!
  • I've uploaded the essay I wrote for my Music History class. It's called And the Octave Formed a Circle, and is about the interaction of music and classical mythology.


  • I've joined The Site Fights. Once I get officially accepted to compete, please vote for me!
  • The Senior Humanities section has finally seen an update! I've added a poem about spell-check and a guide to proper grammar (both are humerous) that I got in my Writing About Music class. Enjoy them!


  • Two new additions to my Rome page: a page each of colors and numbers in Latin. I'm working on a page for the Latin language, but I'm not sure what direction it's going to take at the moment. Until then expect Latin languare updates to the main Rome page.
  • I've also moved the two awards I've recieved off my main page and onto their own page. This should make my main page load a little quicker.
  • A little tweeking has been going on on my index page. I've been removing defunct links. I've also reformatted my guestbook, so it should be working now. Sorry 'bout that.


  • I've added a page to my Rome section called Sententiae Antiquae. It is a list of ancient sentences that I've translated in my Latin class.


  • Not a huge update this time, but I've created a new section: Games. I have 9 hours to spend in front of a computer today, and no homework (I'm done with the semester), so there might be another update later if I get enough done to make it worth while.


  • It has been quite a while hasn't it? Things were kinda crazy during the early part of the year, and then my father passed away from Leukemia in June. Well, I'm back now, and there's no stopping me. The Rome page has been updated with some new sections. I've been messing with most of the pages on this site, so expect the site to start looking slightly diferent in the coming weeks.


  • I've been working really hard on my Egyptian Page, but it's not quite the way I want it. It should be done pretty soon though (maybe this weekend!). I've also been working on a help page for using GeoCities. That should also be up soon. As for what's actually new...I added one new story to the Myths page. The story of Comatas and the Muses.


  • I've added a page stating my views on the new millenium. I'm taking a Classical Literature class in college, so any papers that I do for that class will most likely go up here. I might post some of my Archaeology class as well. Oh, and as of tomorrow I'll no longer be a teenager (huzzah for age 20!!!!)!


  • I've gotten my bottom in gear and started updating the Library page on the Senior Humanities Page. It's now a links page to pages about the various authors that we studied in AP Humanities. It can be found here:


  • I've posted my graphics collection. All graphics contained in the collection were made/modified by me, and are free for anyone to use. They can be accessed here:
  • I've also created the obligatory about me page. You can find it HERE.


  • I'm now a full-fledged community leader!! If you have any questions about GeoCities I'll be happy to answer them, or send them to someone who can. I've been working on the dictionary pages, but I don't expect them to be up for awhile (January, at the earliest--unless Y2K hits...). I expect I'll have the Egypt page updated soon with a list of dynasties and pharoahs. Oh, and as soon as I get my computer's video card fixed I'll have some free graphics for y'all as well.
  • I'm starting in on my community leader training today. My mentor's name is Ana. Her page is located here:
  • My stories page is up. I don't have tons of stories yet, but I'm working on them. Stories Page
  • I've completed my page for the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. The Seven Wonders
  • I'm now a community leader!! I just got my confirmation yesterday, so I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing yet. I'll keep y'all posted.
  • Herodotus has finally completed another session of his corner! This session's topic is The Amazons. Herodotus' Corner

    Upcoming events include:

  • Multi-Cultural Music Lesson Plans
  • More information on the Minoans & Celts
  • Information on the Etruscans
  • A Mesopotamian Mythology section
  • More (frequent) updates to Herodotus' corner (he's been quite busy lately)
  • Additional creations by the Muses
  • Lots more...