Site Map

This is the site map for MusesRealm.Net, a page which explains a bit about each section and allows you, the visitor, to hopefully go right to the page you're looking for without a lot of fluff.


  • What's New? --> This page has a list of updates to the site
  • Frequently Asked Questions --> A list of frequently asked questions and their answers
  • Site Map --> Where you are now; a text map of the entire site
  • Site Search --> Search the page
  • Marketplace --> My online store, where you can purchase posters, CDs, Movies, Books, and more and support this site
  • Linking --> Banners, Buttons, Blinkies, and other ways to link to MusesRealm.Net.
  • Supporting MusesRealm.Net --> Ways you can help keep this site up and running.
  • Calendar --> The 'Realm's calendar: lists holidays and such

    Ancient World & Mythology

  • Herodotus' Corner --> Overviews of certain ideas and themes in the ancient world.
  • Wonders of the World --> Information about the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  • Greece --> Information about the ancient Greeks, including Greek mythology, history, and humanities.
  • Rome --> Information about the ancient Romans, including Roman mythology, history, and humanities.
  • Egypt --> Information about the ancient Egyptians, including Egyptian mythology, history, and humanities.
  • Americas --> Information about the ancient Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans.
  • Celts --> Information about the Celts, including Celtic mythology and humanities.
  • Northern Europe --> Information about Norse and Teutonic mythology.
  • Myths & Stories --> A collection of myths and stories from all over the world.
  • Family Trees --> Family trees for various historical and mythological figures.


  • Main --> Collages, Desktop Wallpapers, DiaryLand Templates, Hotbar Skins, Blinkies, Icons and more free things for you designed by the muses.
  • Webpage Graphics --> Things the muses have made to decorate webpages including bars, backgrounds, and bullets.
  • Desktop Goodies --> Things to decorate your computer's virtual desktop. Highlights include Hotbar Skins and Wallpapers.


  • Today in History --> What happened on this date?
  • Magical Grimoire --> Clio's compendium of all things magical and mystical.
  • Humanities --> A page for everything humanities-based that doesn't fit into any other category. This section was created by Clio for a class she took in High School, and it has lots of fun, if random information.
  • Music --> Lists of musical composers, instruments, and terms.
  • Writings --> Essays, Fan Fiction, Poetry, and other things written by the muses.
  • Games --> A collection of word searches, riddles, and jokes.
  • The ROAR Web Vault --> Fan Fiction and Poetry for the TV show ROAR.


  • My Diary --> The webmaster's online journal
  • Greece & Spain --> Caroline's journal and a selection of pictures from her trip to Greece and Spain in 2003.
  • Links --> A list of links to other websites.
  • Bibliography --> The general bibliography for this website.
  • Webrings --> The webrings that MusesRealm.Net belongs to.
  • Supporters --> Websites that link to MusesRealm.Net


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