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I've been contacted by many, many, many people asking how they can help support this site. You all rock, let me tell you. I run this website all by my lonesome, and it's nice to know that someone besides me visits it and finds it helpful!

The easiest way for you to help support the 'Realm is by linking to it! The page with graphics and information on doing this can be found here: Linking to MusesRealm.Net. If you do link to me, let me know and I'll put you on my list of Supporters.

Another way for you to help me out is to buy something from the Marketplace. A little bit of every purchase you make from there sends some money my way. That helps keep the site up and running.

You can also help by making a donation through PayPal:

Yet another way to help me out is to email me or Sign the Guestbook. I love getting feedback from people, even if it's a simple "I came, I saw, I wrote to you." Another thing you can do along this same vein is get me something off of my WishList.